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Ho-Ho-Ho! Create Jolly Good Fun with Our Santa-Themed DIY Christmas Cookie Kit!

Get ready to spread some cheer with our special Santa-themed DIY Christmas Cookie Kit! This kit is a delightful way to bring the joy and charm of Santa Claus into your home. Whether for a festive family activity or as a sweet gift, these cookies are sure to bring smiles and a sprinkle of Christmas magic.

What’s in the Kit?

  • 6 Festive Cookies Ready for Decorating: Our kit includes six cookies, each a blank canvas for your holiday creativity. These cookies are baked to a perfect golden brown, with a delicious taste that captures the essence of the holidays.
  • Two Cheerful Santa Designs: This year’s kit allows you to create two different Santa figures:
    • Classic Jolly Santa: Decorate a traditional, rosy-cheeked Santa, complete with his iconic red suit and jolly smile.
    • Playful Twinkling-Eyed Santa: Have fun creating a Santa with a twinkle in his eye, ready to deliver joy and presents to children around the world.
  • Four Festive Icing Colors: To add the perfect finishing touches to your Santas, we provide a palette of icings in classic holiday colors:
    • Vibrant Red: For Santa’s famous suit and hat.
    • Deep Black: Ideal for detailing his belt, boots, and twinkling eyes.
    • Crisp White: Perfect for his fluffy beard and the trim on his suit.
    • Warm Skin Tone: To give a lively and realistic touch to Santa’s face.

Fun for All Ages! Our Santa-themed DIY Cookie Kit is a wonderful way to engage in holiday festivities. It’s an ideal activity for children eager to leave a personal touch for Santa, for adults who want to explore their creative side, or for anyone looking to add a homemade touch to their holiday decor.

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